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Amanda Ruth

World Race

TRIP: The World Race
DATES: January 2021 – November 2021
Location: Malaysia, Thailand. Myanmar, India, Nepal, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.
  • Fundraising Goal: $18,000 10% 10%
Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

Life is ministry. Ministry is life.

Howdy! I am a Texas gal who is enthusiastic about furthering the kingdom of God and walking alongside his people while serving them in love so that they may come to know who Jesus is. 

I love all things coffee & exploring in the outdoors. I am passionate about meeting new people and hearing their stories. I am also passionate about inviting others into a radical life with Christ. 

In 2018 I went on a mission trip to India where I experienced the fruits of life on mission. I developed practicals such as prayer, daily worship, diving into scripture, mission work, and living in community which influenced my walk of faith. While in India I developed a zeal to further the kingdom of God through overseas missions. When I returned to the U.S. I was eager to further the kingdom of God and invite others into a life of fullness with Christ.  

What I have learned in my walk of faith is that as sons and daughters of Christ we have been called to step out in faith and live a radical life. 

I would like to invite you to prayerfully consider joining my support team while you sip on some Evangelist Roasting Co. coffee. Ways you can partner with me in prayer are as follows:

  • For my team and I, that we would delight in our new community together and grow in the name of the Lord. Pray that each of our gifts would be used to bring Him glory.
  • For the people we will encounter, that we can use our stories to build connections and form lasting relationships.
  • For my fundraising efforts, that the Lord would provide what I need to participate in this program.

If you’d like to follow my trip–check out my blog!

Amanda’s Blog. Not only does this act as a place for donations, but I will also be posting regularly about my journey — subscribe if you want to stay updated!

Thanks for your prayers and support, 

Amanda Ruth

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