Brew Guides

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If you have the freshest coffee to enjoy, it makes sense to treat it right and ultimately get the best from the bean. Every step is as important as the cup itself! This is how Evangelist Roasting Co. suggests you prepare our coffee at home.

Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

French Press

An eco-friendly way to brew that uses a built-in filter screen. Its the method of choice for many all over the world, creating an earthy, rich taste in the coffee cup.

Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

Auto Drip

An American classic. An automatic drip machine is the most popular preparation method throughout the states, alive with aroma and rich coffee flavor.

Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

Pour Over

A simple yet solid technique likened to the "manual version" of an auto drip coffee brewer. A simple way to get a fresh tasting brew every time.

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