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Roasted Locally in Waco, Tx


Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

Small Batch

Small batch coffee roasting leads to a certain level of superior quality control that cannot be matched in larger batches. It’s time to enjoy small-batch coffee right here in Waco, Tx

Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

Fresh Roasted

Smaller batches also mean fresher roasts. Beans are prepped for shipping straight from the roaster. Freshly roasted coffee in Waco, Tx but available to be shipped anywhere in the United States.

The Coffee Beans are roasted every Friday and Shipped every Saturday. When you place your coffee order, your beans will burst with flavor when you brew them. The beauty of being a small-batch roaster located in Waco, Tx is that we are able to provide the freshest coffee beans directly to your doorstep! 

Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

Ethically Sourced

Our coffee beans are purchased at a price that recognizes its superior quality and valuable role of the producer. Evangelist Roasting Co. cares deeply about the relationships we build with our farmers and our customers. Roasting coffee in Waco, Tx allows us to continue these great relationships. 


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Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas
Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas


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Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas
Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

Sustainability | Coffee, Waco TX

We’re roasting coffee with a conscience.

In more ways than one, we are striving to prompt sustainability in all aspects of our roasting company located in Waco, Tx. It is deeply rooted in the core of our mission. We believe that sustainability goes much deeper than recycling and using eco-friendly straws; although, we are strong advocates for both. Our locally roasted coffee beans are a means to an end here in Waco, Tx. We not only produce great coffee but through our coffee purchases, we are able to make an impact in our community and world. Our fundraising and wholesale programs provide opportunities for locals here in Waco, Tx to get involved in making the world a better place through freshly roasted coffee beans. #theendjustifiesthebeans

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Brew Bar

Brew like a pro //

If you have the freshest coffee to enjoy courtesy of Evangelist Roasting Co., it makes sense to treat it right and ultimately get the best from the coffee bean. Every step is as important as the cup itself! This is how Evangelist Roasting Co. suggests you prepare our coffee at home in Waco, Tx.

Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

French Press

An eco-friendly way to brew that uses a built-in filter screen. Its the method of choice for many all over the world, creating an earthy, rich taste in the coffee cup.

Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

Auto Drip

An American classic. An automatic drip machine is the most popular preparation method throughout the states, alive with aroma and rich coffee flavor.

Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas

Pour Over

A simple yet solid technique likened to the "manual version" of an auto drip coffee brewer. A simple way to get a fresh tasting brew every time.

Become a Partner | Waco, Tx

There’s a profound sense of commitment that our team brings to any of our Coffee bean partnerships. We help build coffee programs to grow, its more than just a great cup of joe. Click the link below to learn more about working with us.

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