Auto Drip

A Guide to Brewing the Perfect Automatic Drip Coffee Cup


This is a classic. We know that some of you just want a good, solid cup of coffee with the push of a button. Thats why we will give you tips & tricks to make your normal autodrip to taste better than ever.


Drip Brewer

Unbleached Filters






*A grinder is recommended to have the best cup of coffee, but you can order your coffee to be pre-ground by us whenever you buy online or at our coffeeshop.

Brew Time

2 minutes


2 cups

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step 1


Pour water into your coffee maker’s reservoir.

Pro Tip: We like to boil the water beforehand because some machines have a uneven way of warming the water. By making the machine work less, we will have less go wrong in the end. 

step 2


Measure out the correct amount of coffee and water based on your desired cup amount

Pro Tip: If 2 cups are desired, you’ll use 48 grams of coffee and 550 grams of water.

step 3

Prepare the Grind // Filter

The grind should be consistent with coarse sea salt.

Place ground coffee evenly in filter basket, place basket on top of coffee pot and put in brewer.

Pro Tip: Rinsing the filter helps eliminate any paper flavors. Grind size affects drip time and extraction. If your brew is too slow, try a slightly coarser grind. If it drips through too quickly, try a little finer.

step 4

Turn on // Enjoy

Press the Brew or Auto button on your Drip Machine, and give it a few minutes! As soon as the brewing stops, remove the carafe from the hot plate and serve. The hot plates are really good at keeping your coffee hot but can create undesired bitterness. Your coffee is now ready for you to enjoy.

Pro Tip: Enjoy something a little sweet and creamy? Add 2 tablespoons of heavy cream & sugar to taste.

Don't leave empty handed //