French Press

A Guide to Brewing the Perfect French Press


This is a classic. The french press was patented in the 1800’s and is still of the most famous and consistent ways to brew coffee at home. Known for its bold flavors–it’s the go-to brewing method for coffee lovers because of the simplicity of brewing and the rich and dense flavors produced. Keep reading and we’ll teach you how to make the best french press!




French Press


Scale & Timer



Wooden or Plastic Spoon


*A grinder is recommended to have the best cup of coffee, but you can order your coffee to be preground by us whenever you buy online or at our coffeeshop.


Brew Time

4 minutes



1-5 cups [dependent on size of french press]


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step 1


Boil your water. For this example, we will use 350grams of water.

Pro Tip: To reach the perfect temperature, bring water to a boil and then let it stand for 30 seconds.

step 2


Prepare your beans! Weigh out 30 grams of freshly roasted coffee beans. We like to use a 1:12 bean to water ratio–so 350g water and 30g beans! 

Preheat the French Press with hot water and let it sit.

Pro Tip: No scale? Measure out 5 1/2 standard coffee scoops—or 11 tablespoons—of beans. Preheating helps the temperature stay more consistent throughout the brewing process.

step 3


Coarsly grind your beans to the consistency of  sea salt.

Pro Tip: A consistent grind enables even extraction. If the plunger is difficult to push down at the end of the brew, try a slightly coarser grind next time.

step 4


Discard hot water and place the French Press on your scale. Add coffee grounds and then zero out or “tare” your scale. Then gently add 60-80 grams of water. Next with a woden or plastic spoon, stir softly and let it bloom for 30 seconds.

Pro Tip: When hot water meets coffee grounds, CO2 escapes and expands, creating a “bloom.” Once the off-gassing is complete, the grounds are more receptive to absorbing water, resulting in a better extraction of flavors.

step 5


Put the rest of the water into the french press and place the lid with the piston in the up position. Let the lid rest gently on top of the water. Let the coffee brew for 4 minutes.

step 6


Remove the french press from the scale and put it on the counter. Press the piston down. And serve the coffee right away.

Pro-Tip: If you keep it inside of the french press, the coffee will continue to brew and it will turn bitter.

step 7


Relax. Take a sip and enjoy a beautifully brewed cup of french press coffee!

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