Our Story

The End Justifies the Beans//

The world doesn’t need just another coffee roasting company. Another smooth brand focused on the hipster and millennial craze of working and socializing in coffee shops and pretending to know the difference between the floral notes and berry.

No, this isn’t what is needed, and no, that isn’t who we are.

Evangelist Roasting Co Waco Texas


We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs dedicated to cultivating people through cultivating coffee. What does that mean? It means we exist to help develop, train, and mold the next generation of small business owners throughout the world by using resources available in their own backyards. 

Our mission is to help create sustainable economic growth and savvy business owners throughout the world through high quality coffee and exquisite service. Afterall, for us, the end justifies the beans.

Don't leave empty handed //